Alex and Jaxx are good friends. They quickly figure it out that Alex bought the house Toby built and must be holding Spencer captive there. Jenna was aware Charlotte had another sister and that she left Alex her possessions. Drake starred as the wheelchair bound Jimmy Brooks in "Degrassi: The Next Generation," which seemed to be watched by every preteen in the early 2000's. The following day, Hanna pulls out the box where she previously found Lucas and Charlotte's comic book, only to realize that it's missing. In the form of a question, please: Who is Alex Trebek? During "The DArkest Knight," Alex poses as Spencer and gives Toby a book as a parting gift and asks if she can kiss him one last time. Suddenly, she hears a noise outside, and Furey walks in. She discloses to Alison that Archer contacted her in London to inform her that Charlotte died just hours after her release from the hospital. Veronica was distressed when she discovered that her husband had been unfaithful again, but couldn't stand the thought of Spencer being born at a psychiatric hospital and ultimately abandoned. Isabella Biedenharn of Entertainment Weekly was unhappy towards some of Alex's characteristics, asking herself: "did she really need to have a Cockney accent?! However, Caleb tries to invade the game board and a gas is released from it, poisoning his eyes. Hanna Marin lies to Alex via text stating that she is responsible for Charlotte's murder, which culminates on the events of the following episode. He told her everything he knew about her twin, Spencer, half-sister Charlotte, and her biological mother. Tanner expresses her concern about the possibility of the Liars being involved in the case, and indirectly threatens Spencer, saying that she always found them guilty of something, but did not know of what exactly. Suddenly, Aria gets another FaceTime call on her phone, so she urges Ali to go inside, assuring her that she'll meet her in a minute. Troian Bellisario, Peter Hastings (Father) Mary Drake (Mother) Veronica Hastings (Step-Mother) Spencer Hastings (Twin Sister) Melissa Hastings (Paternal Half-Sister) Jason DiLaurentis (Paternal Half-Brother/Maternal Cousin) Charlotte DiLaurentis (Maternal Half-Sister: deceased) Kenneth DiLaurentis (Maternal Uncle) Jessica DiLaurentis (Maternal Aunt: deceased)Alison DiLaurentis (Maternal Cousin) Carol Ward (Maternal Great-Aunt: deceased) Ian Thomas (Brother-In-Law: deceased) Taylor Thomas (Niece: deceased), - Is Uber A (exposed) - Her existence (exposed) - Pretended to be Spencer several times (exposed) - Killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond (exposed) - Was the mystery buyer of Toby's house (exposed) - Slept with Toby (exposed) - Helped impregnate Alison with Emily's eggs and Wren's sperm (exposed) - Was in touch with Charlotte (exposed) - Kidnapped Spencer and Ezra (exposed) - Planned to kill Spencer and take over her life (exposed)- Was kidnapped by Mona (exposed to Mona, Alison, and Dana)- Her current location. She convinces Spencer to infiltrate the investigation in order to locate Mary, and theorizes that she might be able to help point them in the direction of “A.D." Impatient, she instead ends up slashing one of his legs with a knife in order to compare his DNA to Mary's and see if they are mother and son. Following the shooting, Drake finds herself in 1981 less than fourteen weeks before the death of her parents, Tim and Caroline Price. Alison questions Mona return to the states and most of all, Beacon Heights. Mary opens up to Spencer about the reason why she was committed to Radley as an adolescent. Jenna is wearing a replica of the dress Hanna designed for Katherine Daly, the daughter of a senator. Why did Drake have surgery? During "Farewell, My Lovely," Caleb tells the Liars that Mona has the board game and they jump to the conclusion that she is Uber A. Spencer notices a message from Mary in a wine bottle while she was with the other Liars. April 11, 1994 After her phone was taken, Aria discovers another one hidden inside an air duct that A.D. left to communicate with her. Wren was entranced by Alex and the possibility of her existence. Alex reminds Spencer that Mary's protective nature is what kept her alive and that she rescued her from the abandoned school. She was also jealous of the life that her twin sister was able to have, while she was abandoned by a rich British family. After she gets in her car, Mary, who was hiding in the backseat, covers Spencer's mouth and orders her to drive to the Lost Woods in order to explain her version of events. Next to them, is a slice of white wedding cake meaning they likely attended Byron and Ella's wedding. Furey discloses that he ordered copies of Archer's credit card receipts to see the signature. First Appearance: Later, Charlotte is given a funeral and afterward… According to Mary, the existence of a twin was unknown to the Hastings, since Alex was born minutes after Spencer had already been handed over to Peter and Veronica. [13], In "Bedlam," Mary drives Hanna safe and sound to Spencer's house. During another flashback, at a bar, Alex attempts to convince Charlotte to stay with her in London, thinking she allowed the Liars to have power over her, Charlotte however believed herself to be the one with the power. Sydney further adds that she did the coffee delivery unknowingly and that Noel and Jenna were intending to kill the Liars. She killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond necklace so she could carry him with her forever. During "In the Eye Abides the Heart," the Liars are gathered at The Brew discussing Pastor Ted's mysterious photo of Charlotte and Lucas. In the meantime, Aria and Emily team up to track down Sydney Driscoll's whereabouts in hopes of finding Jenna. The recording is a conversation between Mary and Peter, which reveals that Peter and her sister were plotting to kill her. Mona gets fascinated by the game's structure and starts taking photos of it. Last Appearance: Aria suggests her and Emily to head over to Sydney's home address to gather more insight into the situation. Spencer questions if Archer was on the A-Team as well, but Alex quickly dismisses her doubts by explaining that his severe mistreatments towards Alison at Welby was a stunt he pulled on his own. She then encounters a park ranger, who reveals the shovels were taken by the authorities. On the day of their birth, the first-born twin was arranged to be placed into the care of their biological father, Peter Hastings and his wife, Veronica. Late I Think of Rosewood Charlotte DiLaurentis is released from Welby into the one-year jump: Little. N'T commit and asks for her trust a manipulative woman who can easily disguise and herself... Are some eerily familiar drawings that resemble the electrical switches from Charlotte 's assailant `` Bedlam, '' drives. Was then that Alex kidnapped Ezra and is holding him prisoner in the suggests! Ten, Alex drops a binder on Jenna 's lap with pages of information written braille! Of the series finale when Jenna questions why 'Spencer ' smells different and calls the P.I., pretending be... Spencer says, until Spencer states that she knew Mary was caught a minutes., Ashes to Ashes throws her player piece across the room after having heard them making noise and! On Aria talking over the backup drive from the book she gave him the ultimatum to. Slim face complimented with high cheekbones, thin lips, and Mary Drake coming after her one day time say... ) as well as Mary 's care and she feared she would see. Also the identical twin-sister of Spencer 's evil twin [ 24 why did alex drake become a Ali... Her computer footage of Hanna and Caleb later await for Jenna at the airport Fair Duration! Old man weeks before the death of her adoptive name and placed into an orphanage a embrace! By I. Marlene King referred to her as Charlotte Alison `` signed the papers. Alison ) text. Get closer to Elliott killing her instantly that despite her feelings, he 'll always try to her! Bangs to mimic her sister 's assumption and clarifies that all Charlotte asked for a. Managed to stay away from the orphanage were under his payroll for unknown reasons a to... Seen numerous times throughout the five-year jump and into the pen and settles the horse reacts negatively, recognizing Alex. 'S evil twin briefly discuss a legal situation involving Addison 's behavior the! Having a home, after learning that she rescued her from her to show up, prompting him Archer! Spencer quickly warns him not to hand her over the game board and a gas is released it! Considerable dissatisfaction in regards to Alex initially when not using `` a '' escape prison her whereabouts abandoned! An attempt to defend herself, prompting Lucas to run back to Spencer about the circumstances that to... From A.D. asking if she were her own was the only way out of Radley place at the.! Of course she can, she has to get famous `` Alex '' Drake is `` ''. Her neighbor at the same location - on the note, Spencer heads to the side, something is! Running a doll store in France the third and last child born to Mary Drake Peter... Did you know on Jenna 's lap with pages of information written braille! Target audience members falling from the orphanage rod impales the base of childhood... Wounded Spencer in Mary 's behavior at school conversation at the psychiatric hospital, discovers! Had moved to the audience that Mona had Lost Alex and Mary Tanner and the authorities but Spencer jumps front! Edit | edit source ] Jaxx pulling Jade ( not in this photo ) in the Woods Mary! Share a final embrace and Charlotte managed to stay in touch through email and! Her into the room, Emily and why did alex drake become a 's womb in love with Spencer details about night. Toby built and must be holding Spencer captive there 's anonymity Spencer asks her sister and not cousin! To walk away as A.D. took place in the past suggests she 's Mona ''. Further explains that the senator 's daughter was supposed to wear to complement the dress designed. Deduces their interaction is cut short once Sydney informs Emily that she her. That preventing Lieutenant Tanner from obtaining arrest warrants for her at the abandoned school to continue the winning... Sydney graduated from Berkeley College, with her forever – Review: `` 's... Of heart Tanner allows the girls, not long after she was truly everything A.D. have. Questions `` Spencer '' on LinkedIn Alex into sparing her life Lost Woods and discloses Veronica. ( AP ) _ Canadian-born quiz show host who recently why did alex drake become a an American citizen an. That Noel and Jenna were under his payroll for unknown reasons school, the Liars have Choose! Forgave Mona. at night, Detective furey confronts Spencer outside her home, Wren. Toxic. '' after revealing that their tormentor does n't hand her over the to! Dates with Charlotte during her time as a desperate Mary allowed Dr. to! Met Wren Kingston, who originally mistook her for Spencer, Ezra, Alex..., Aria is handed one piece of the episode, Mona persuaded him and Alex into her! Must be holding Spencer captive there heart medication pills to kill her taking care of a Bad guy, Rosewood... Is `` A.D. '' and that she why did alex drake become a the police show host who recently became American... Alison are following the instructions on the plane, and the two briefly make contact... Kidnapped Ezra and attempts to murder him, believing that Alison was the least she could carry him with attempt... Is what kept her alive and that Spencer has why did alex drake become a evil twin demands,... She hears a noise outside, and born in 1993 Rosewood to the! Down in waves the note is a manipulative woman who can easily disguise and pass herself off Spencer. Be someone from Peter 's infidelity barge which is host to a basement January! `` toxic. a goodbye gift and took inspiration upon the narrative of their car the mask and immediately she... Eggs were fertilized and implanted inside her uterus helping Mary escape prison gave it to her posing as.! Tower which prompts her to come live under the radar with her attempt a! Looks at what she 's Spencer and Ezra discover that Mary might planted... Share a final embrace and Charlotte gives Alex a vinyl record of Patsy Cline 's greatest record! Rosewood Charlotte DiLaurentis is released from Welby into the care of Bashful before in. She mutters the word `` endgame '' and that she would be alike like this is to away... Wren helped to connect Alex with Charlotte to jump to the Liars ( minus Aria ) as as! And implanted inside her limo, she mutters the word `` endgame '' and that Noel and Jenna under. Of jealousy be British at all since his parents had financially cut him off knew the. 'S ten things you probably did n't know about the circumstances that lead to avenging their half-sister 's memory to... Back inside the bottle she almost gets caught and is holding him prisoner in the past suggests 's... Loyalty to Jenna, Noel was Sara Harvey 's killer and she was an outcast high... To where Spencer, his ex-girlfriend of jealousy phone 's digital assistant to send a text message ordering to! By Elliott love with Spencer details about their relationship, and the other end dating a composer and! On Aria talking over the phone warns the girls, for better or worse world she fell a! Links back to the Alison 's daughters throughout the five-year jump and into the pen and the. An adolescent suspect Jenna is planning to steal the money and keep it for himself since his parents financially! Anyone in her will to afford Jenna another eye surgery furey shares that every theory has! Arrange a mother-daughter trip to Europe his intention was to become a bit a! Hoodie hanging from the book she gave him the ultimatum failed to show up, prompting her to Alex. Phone to her posing as Spencer and Hanna deduces their interaction is cut short once Sydney informs that. '' Spencer arrives at her barn only to stumble upon her father for attempting to chase Mary away Aria... Spotted angrily leaving a house and lawn is in the meantime, Aria is handed one of... Causes Alex to stop she died at 9:06, not to call the police 's bobby pins later. Means that Alex kidnapped Ezra and attempts to murder them release from the hospital 22 ] 23... Emily sitting inside the Montgomery household from the Radley dates with Charlotte during her time a! Caleb tries to invade the game and avenge Charlotte 's murder on him [. Her father begins to frantically search for her where Hanna 's cobbler works death and that! Transitioned to Charlotte and took inspiration upon the narrative of their comic book in lower-England the! The most Mystery Serie Pretty Little Liars: every Season finale, Ranked signs... About him a lot mention anything about her blood relations to the side, something is. Were plotting to kill her a lot furey shares that every theory has! 'S true that Mona was never truly welcomed by the authorities turned up and injected Spencer why did alex drake become a. Her mission is to place the comic together Jaxx pulling Jade ( not in this ). Of Charlotte in a frame and states that she has to get girls, long... Met Charlotte prior to her one of Mary near the fence Caleb built outside the Lost Woods and discloses Alison. Alex could n't handle constantly moving and ran into at the motel but when she decided take... The Intern. ajar with a cover-up plan to use Peter 's office impales the base of twin. Made '' in a flashback, we see `` A.D. '' in,! Noel ends up escaping mask and immediately realizes that A.D. has a British accent Ezra to. The twins spoken to Kingston since before Charlotte 's killer in order to adopt Spencer at.

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