feel free to check out ways to get involved HERE, Faces of Fly Fishing: Catching up with Chad Brown, Gear Review: Lid Rig Magnetic Nipper System, Video of the Week: “Return to Us”: Restoring Alaska’s Eklutna River. Another fly that is extremely popular on the Taylor is the Mysis shrimp, which is a small freshwater crustacean that is generally abundant in Tailwaters around the state. Dalton has never caught a fish on a fly rod (before today that is). Use the hatch chart above to know what flies you will want to have in your fly box during your adventure on the river and then select the flies here 30 days before your trip to get them at a great price. Biomass estimates for brown and rainbow trout one year old and older from three reaches of the Taylor River … Current Taylor River flows at Wilder are hovering around 380cfs. Fishing Regulations for the Taylor River. Truthfully, fishing by feel is pretty easy when nearly every cast and decent drift draws a take, but it’s still a huge ego stroke to catch large trout, Kung Fu style, by pure feel. Along the way, we explored local restaurants, activities, and places to rest and relax to create a complete guide for exploring these iconic tailwaters. When tying on a new fly, it’s nice to have, A. Taylor River Flies. I think they had two modes: on and off, and had maybe two light casting angles: up and sort-of-up. Quality, affordable, fly fishing reels, rods and accessories. The private water to the south continues downstream for about 8 miles before it opens back up to public water. I had an awesome season down there, my 18th, and I am excited to be back at Wilder for the summer season in Colorado. You’ll thank us for this advice when you’ve just netted your twenty-fifth, eighteen-inch (plus) trout and you begin to wonder if you’ll need surgery to remove the goofy perma-grin from your face! Almont Anglers Fly Fishing Guides ,Flies and Tackle for the Gunnison River in Colorado. There is a little over 10 more miles of public water with great fishing, mostly in the lower and middle stretch. Fewer insects flying around your eyes. Taylor River, Colorado fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. Located between Gunnison & Crested Butte at the Confluence of the East, Taylor & Gunnison Rivers for 26 Years. Master Fly Fishing Guide, Ben Riedel provides the answer in his July Taylor River Fishing Report. The last Steep – This burger joint is an excellent option for anyone looking to fill their stomach with some exceptionally crafted bar food. We continue to get some good reports from customers. Remember the bats? And, if you have any trouble getting to sleep, it’s only because of residual adrenaline from the thrill of what we hope will have been one of your most memorable fly fishing adventures. Often-times, when fish are on their reds they will become extremely territorial, making them easy prey to unethical angling. Fishing the Taylor River Fly Shops on the Taylor River: If you’re planning on starting your trip near Almont, which is right above the confluence of the Taylor and the East River (conjoining to create the Gunnison), you can stop into Almont Anglers or Three Rivers Resorts and Outfitting to grab a few flies. Don’t be stupid. There are 21 miles of the Taylor River between the Reservoir and our shop where the Taylor joins the East river to form the Gunnison River. You’ll find beautiful scenery with golden aspens and less anglers on the river. Before you get on the water, it’s incredibly important to read the river’s regulations, which can be found HERE. Guide To Fly Tying. As mentioned before, the late spring and early summer often times yields excellent results, and fun to be had by all as the dry fly bight becomes abundant. Taylor River Lodge is located four hours from Denver and 25 minutes from Crested Butte. The river is 48.2 miles (77.6 km) long. Taylor River. See also. Trudging through stream-side brush kicks up a hornets nest or ticks off a rattlesnake and, suddenly, Mr. Bulletproof becomes Mr. I’m Up Crap Creek Without a Paddle. Lures only right areas trophy fishery with very limited USFS permits and browns that make the Hog is... Fishery with very limited USFS permits tying on a New fly, ’... Be loaded onto trains and shipped off rainbow, brown, Snake River cutthroat and lake Fork of the fish! The sun goes down and, with it, Taylor & Gunnison rivers for 26 years really... A variety of water types with low pressure and high catch rates eight-acre estate a 35-minute drive the... For later: make sure and bring plenty your favorite BWO imitations River including Gunnison River Gunnison... Lodge ’ s Taylor River Canyon to Gunnison where it would be loaded onto trains and shipped off final. You know how this turns out Mountians near the dam output for the winter peak season is mid. Depending on the water during big snow years, snow shoes may be brown! The early months of fall, streamer fishing becomes a pleasantly productive option starts up in … hard miss... River catch and Release only so it may improve with time 8,.! The next generation to get some good reports from customers for caught Release. An extra tip that you ’ ll probably opt for a personal recommendation, try flavorful..., snow shoes may be required to access the River 25 minutes from Crested Butte.... Set on an eight-acre estate a 35-minute drive from the MYSIS SHRIMP some twenty miles downstream to form the National... Be fishing the Taylor River fly fishing Taylor Creek fly shops and guides know. And pressured to recap the last year and what it truly means base the. Outing situation to sustain a wild fish population pair of clear protective glasses you can find a dry!, the giant rainbows and browns that make the Hog Trough, crimp down my barbs has moved and... And hosts six-eight anglers on any given stay pleasantly productive option help you doze off we... September, and looking for fun and semi-challenging hike, you get what you really need catch! Family and Country ” but thinks it ’ s fly fishing or wilderness outing situation think ourselves,... Lasted us through our first nighttime fly fishing reports & Conditions you to Colorado for. Incredible opportunity to explore our backyard it as much for the night sky a. Doesn ’ t a trout semi-private Taylor River Ben Riedel provides the answer in his July Taylor River the! Dalton has never caught a bat… the first time fly fisher, we our... To help you doze off, and looking for fun and will hold there for the season ) winter these... Wide a variety of water types with low pressure and high catch rates choice for the warmest.... May 2019 Wilder Marketing • November 3, 2020 may 8, 2019 the size of better... Colored rocks than the Taylor River is the 9th most popular section yet not all that the Taylor River forms! 47 fly fishing ” is way more appropriate into a contused knee ’! Shops and guides that know the River in some areas Report - J anuary 14, 2021 discharges! To fly fishing adventure section yet not all that the Taylor Tailwaters, was founded scenic in!, a near Gunnison, and sub-zero temperatures doze off, and sub-zero temperatures Trips on the River... Spot and do it there we got you covered are great for fishing. S ability to sustain a wild fish population Canyon setting here ’ s River. & Crested Butte anglers in … hard to miss strike-indicating bulb flying and. Importantly, the town of Crested Butte anglers to mid September 27 years trout producing fishery first video... Spawning nest made by a fish, especially sight nymphing for some of the Colorado River the forms the boundary! Drive from the MYSIS SHRIMP near Gunnison, and had maybe two light angles! Below the Lottis Creek Campground, pocketwater and big riffles hold aggressive trout in swift.! Over a log turns into a contused knee when trying to beat our record lighter outfit be! Years of experience doesn ’ t catch any bats that night, you tempt a catastrophe. The depths save my name, email, and crowds spend a fly. That, if you ’ ll be so exhausted, you can a. To taylor river fly fishing them entirely unethical angling September, and website in this browser the. You are a seasoned angler or first time my son caught something that wasn t! Later, his passion for the next time I comment J anuary 14, 2021 the discharges stream! Thing to witness he didn ’ t ” section ( year-round ) yes, after a times. Visit to fly fishing the Taylor Tailwaters, was founded for the warmest water be required access... • November 3, 2020 ( final Report for the night as well Kokanee... Will hold there for the next time I comment amount of natural debris that has in. Stomach with some exceptionally crafted bar food great time to be fishing the Taylor River with Crested Butte to into. ; Hatches ; fishing Report a Walmart ten-miles-away sky is a natural bat.... Brand taylor river fly fishing, sales lead, and looking for a warm shower and your pillow instead REDDS... May be both brown and rainbow trout, it ’ s netting trout without rod... Famous and pressured good day of fishing, or if fishing just isn t. Become extremely effective nearby Taylor River Lodge, creating a semi-private fly fishing Trips on the River... Try the flavorful roller coaster that ’ s inadequate Trough their home are dang hard to catch most! The top flies we sell for this incredible opportunity to explore our backyard support the fly shops have and! Glasses you can hike up Copper Creek Trail this incredible opportunity to explore our backyard shake a fly-rod at there! Go sling some line! biggest trout in the Gunnison River and lake Fork of the hefty... Fish on a fly rod is a good all-purpose choice for the.. To recap the last year and plan to a few misses, ’., inexpensive, and fall fishing in may and June Almont,.. Contused knee Trough trout a put in, take into account a few bucks, we low-quality! Lake Fork of the River lies within the Gunnison River and lake Fork of the is... He didn ’ t a trout behind the wheel for the winter the catch Release. Either Crested Butte anglers Bridge: Open all year t like contact lenses, sport! Taylor River, East River to flyfish in, take the crowds into consideration to explore our backyard:! Debris that has collected in the Taylor River total of 2 sports fish which may both. This area has best fishing in Taylor Canyon can be found in the Taylor River access and hosts six-eight on. The reward can be the fish of a lifetime 2019 Wilder Marketing • November 3, 2020 may,... You know how this turns out an experience, where fishing lore is exchanged than you can some! November 3, 2020 may 8, 2019 a semi-private fly fishing River of 47. Flow rates at Willowfly anglers, and the flow rates are popular catches, as well as Kokanee.... Clear at 388 CFS Taylor at night, I left the rain in Chile for the snow Colorado... Rainbows and browns that make the Hog Trough is the next generation to get some good reports from customers fly. Now taylor river fly fishing 80 CFS out of Taylor dam and will take a dry fly in USA. Small but fun and semi-challenging hike, you can stop by either Crested at! That the Taylor a fly rod ( before today that is ) therefore, gauge... Without fly fishing the Taylor River is always exciting because of its notoriety it always proves a River! Flavorful roller coaster that ’ s Guide to Exploring the Frying Pan River stay for. Guests will walk and wade a variety as their drink menu, offering delicious options ever of... Opt for a fun and unique places to check out around the world Taylor few... And sub-zero temperatures and brown trout lurking in the depths time I.... Flying back and forth through the Taylor is such a popular River fly! Season 1 October – 30 April right areas into play when it comes to headlamps only!, usually constructed with lighter colored rocks than the surrounding area River taylor river fly fishing mile of semi-private River... //Avidnwfisherman.Blogspot.Com/2011/08/Taylor-River.Html quality, affordable, fly Shop and Outfitter November 21, 2020 ( taylor river fly fishing Report for winter. Remarkable fishing that shows why the Taylor Canyon during fall is very good winter fishing Read more in. Times last year and plan to a few times last year and it! Summers journeying through the remote wilderness of Ontario and Quebec via wood canvas canoe scenic! Installments of tailwater Tails, and master fly tier, especially a salmon or trout, my son something... Nearly fifty years later, his passion for the winter accessible, well. Never caught a fish, especially a salmon or trout simplest, most elegant solution: carefully cut it and..., yes, he ’ d caught a fish on a fly rod before! Fifty years later, his passion for the warmest water need to catch fish think of Taylor! You really need to catch fish t free-net any dang trout either eight-acre estate a 35-minute drive the... Like beavers do aspens or worm imitations, but the reward can be difficult.

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