Many yachts, especially in the eastern Med, started their lives in charter fleets. Thanks! For example, mainland Spain is mild and sunny, while the Ionian Islands of Greece are wet and cold. I know this is an old post but wondered if you know any way around the 90 day rule for staying in the Med without a visa for North Americans? I was on a British Flagged boat so even though I’m American the officials didn’t really care. They’ve taken to the sea full time and live a somewhat nomadic life moving slowly or quickly from one destination to another. Rev writes all the posts as "The Crew" at What Yacht To Do. Living In A Marina. Often they also charge a flat fee for living aboard in the marina, and many marinas do not allow liveaboards at all. They spent their first winter sailing from the Balearics to Tunisia and their second cruising in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel. I told her the dog could live in the guest house (dinghy) but she wasn’t amused. SHARE; Share this on Facebook; Share this on Twitter; Share on Google+; Share via Email ; By Rebecca Bradbury 15 May 2018. It’s hard to find a place to legally live on a boat. It's just part of the First Mate duties. When you commit to moving aboard, make checklists of necessities and talk to your partner about deal-breakers. Otherwise, check out more posts about our time spent in Sicily. You need to do this in neutral. Big smiles. The choice selection of water toys aboard S/Y GRAYONE includes jet ski, water skis and a 4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft) pool to swim free from jellyfish. I have dear friends that purchased a large Gulet and it’s turned into a nightmare. By. Bordered by Europe, Africa and Asia, the Mediterranean Sea --- 3 miles deep in some areas, and frequently disturbed by strong winds blowing from all directions is a fascinating international destination and the perfect place to spend warm summer holidays. I have been trying to talk my wife into living aboard but no luck so far. These seasonal sailors almost always have their boat pulled out of the water and stored on the hard over the winter season. In Sicily, Licata and Marina di Ragusa are favourites with cruisers returning every winter. I am a friend of Helen Harkola’s and she has shared your sight. Today, my friend Katie shares her experience working on yachts, along with tips on how to find yacht jobs. The boat broker we have worked with says the Caribbean is great if you like palm trees. Last spring we experienced multiple 40-60 knot storms in the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, and Sicily in April and May. So: are you ready to sell the house and begin your life as a live-aboard? With plenty of airports located along the most common cruising routes and cheap flights within Europe, keeping a yacht in the Med is easy and convenient. Right! hello do you take passengers? The options are endless. Ray…very good question. Article by Michael Stevens. Living aboard Skipper is a course made for those one willing in sailing around the world in their own boat. We aren’t legally … That means that it’s important to run your air conditioning and freezer even if you’re not using it. Sounds like you have been a lot of places and have a lot of experience with live aboard. A Crewed yacht charter delivers the ultimate all-inclusive vacation on the water aboard your own private Sail or Power catamaran. My wife and I stumbled on your blog this morning, we are you but 6 month. Aboard your charter yacht against the setting sun, your crew will serve wine and delicious seafood dinners that reflect the local specialties. Today, we live in a house on the shores of Lake Superior. This has nothing to do with your residence. Be sure to research the marina before assuming you are welcome to live aboard your vessel. Just keep visualising/imagining how great your new adventure will be and that will give you energy to keep going. The Thomases were living out of a marina in Norfolk, Virginia, aboard Saturnalia, a Cuthbertson & Cassian 35 sailboat. Live leisurely on a Western Mediterranean charter with luxury catamaran Grayone. You also protect the sails from the damaging UV rays. 0. Two members of the Stella Maris team helping us prepare for winter – taking sails off. In Tunisia, Monastir and Hammamet get fantastic reviews from those who’ve visited and offer good value boat work. Explore Mediterranean Sea aboard sailing and luxury charter yachts in 2015. 47' Ex-Seiner, Cruiser, Live-Aboard $75,000(CAD) (USD) Name: Miss Tina Stock #: PW5521 Size: 47' x 15' Hull: Wood Great little ex-seiner converted for pleasure use. It would even make a nice live aboard! We accept PayPal and all major credit cards including Your best bet is to do a Google search and see what you can find Smiles, Kim, Loved reading this , very informative. what a fabulous life you’re living! Location is the key I think we have around 13 articles all about Crete on the website… Crete, however, is not a major sailing destination. Every time I talk with liveaboards the world seems to open up more and more. ... washing down the hull and navigating through the beautiful Mediterranean seas, it’s nice to also slow things down . or Marriott International, Inc. Renderings are artistic concepts. Furthermore, it’s absolutely imperative to run the engine. From here, you can head to the Balearic Islands, France, and Corsica. Here is me walking in the shallows with the sun on the water. Some travel far – perhaps around the world and some have spent 15 years just sailing in the same area. If so, where do you intend to go and why? Later that day the marina rang me to request my email address. These are called a foresail and a mainsail. Then they came across an ASA School called Nautilus Sailing that offers live aboard sailing lessons in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Mexico and Tahiti. Generally, liveaboards keep their boat in the water for the majority of the winter only to have it hauled out for necessary out-of-water work. to read my review. Living Aboard a Floating Apartment. I am inclined to see it all. All the best I love your blog. Crete is one of my favorite spots. The low season typically runs between October and April. HTML-code: Copy. Sunborn Gibraltar makes a fabulous and super-glamorous setting for the most special of occasions. First published in the March 2020 edition of Yachting World. The low season typically runs between October and April. They are also able to be handled by a solo person. Hi Mark and Amanda! Even then, a boat that’s equipped and fitted out for sailing in northern Europe will need quite costly and time-consuming alterations and additional gear to optimise it for comfortable living and sailing in the Med. The weather becomes treacherous with high winds, torrential rainfall, cold temperatures, and turbulent seas. Me, with my girl on a yacht? Came across your blog, very inspirational and informative. Yachts (a.k.a. They can’t run the boat with two people…they can’t keep it up and now, after a year, they can’t sell it. There are pockets of overwintering liveaboards all around the Med. The generator also needs to be turned on and loaded up (turn lots of things on) for a few minutes. Not worrying about your boat floating away and ending up on the rocks or checking the weather constantly. This 5 star yacht hotel is the last word in luxury for couples in search of an unforgettable celebration in a truly unique location. Here, you will find stories of the lives and experiences of liveaboards who have done just that and more as they live--you guessed it--on the water. Mediterranean Summer | How to cook aboard a yacht One of our favorite books is " Mediterranean Summer: A Season on France's Cote d'Azur and Italy's Costa Bella " by David Shalluck and Errol Muntz. Pumps cease up if they’re not used regularly. 1. Rihanna first rented the super-yacht after performing at 2011’s V Festival and has used it ever since. Best thing to do is email me directly on The singer/fashion mogul likes soaking up the sun aboard this 172-foot ship through the Mediterranean. As the ship journeys through the Mediterranean, each episode features a new group of elite passengers, with each group presenting a different set of challenges for the crew. Swift Trawler 34 After winter you can continue cruising Turkey or head west. See the stunning islands of the Eastern Mediterranean aboard 2017-built sailing yacht ALL ABOUT U. Mediterranean winters feature regular storms (one to three per month on average) and the weather varies a lot between countries. ICC, VHF, Powerboat and diesel engine courses. Valletta in Malta. Marina prices skyrocket and berths are hard to book, so it’s best to stick to the abundant free anchorages. Moving on, after all the preparation tasks are taken care of, it’s then time to create a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly routine to ensure that the boat stays in good condition. Many marinas offer a special deal from October to April. Regarding the livaboards – there is a massive mix…and I think you’ve done right by keeping the cash to extend your years of cruising! And there are loads of retired couples that spend the full summer island hopping and then head back to land over the cooler months. Initially they were looking for the typical “sailing schools near me” and realized they could create a learn-to-sail-vacation in tropical locations. How do boaters handle live aboard dogs and their excretions? Aidan, Hi Kim, The cheapest offer starts at £6,995. To my surprise we come across many people the same age as us (I’m 40 and Sim is getting closer to 50). Do I register just like with an apartment at the City hall so I will have an addresse? “We’ve really enjoyed our winter marina stays,” explains Nichola, “as they’ve given us time for land travel while not having to worry about the boat and weather.” The couple have got involved in social activities organised by the liveaboard communities, including barbecues, yoga lessons, celestial navigation classes, and more. Most cruisers leave their yacht in a protected berth or on the hard and fly home for the wint… Our daughter, Sienna, with our new marina door fob and marina hat. There is one liveaboard that invites others to do Tai chi on the beach. Alamy Stock Photo. Additionally, they talk about goods for sale or wanted items, any medical issues, lost and found, and upcoming social events. This one is a BIG one! As a side note, and to describe the amazing people we’re surrounded by, after hubby and I dropped off my daughter on her first day we stopped by the marina office. and if you do where do you sail between September 23rd and October 21? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I definitely know bad service when I get it and now I know the opposite. Did major repairs to the hull replacing a lot of the wood planks and added 5 feet to the back deck.I have 5 staterooms all with bathrooms w7shower. I will find myself in Barcelona Spain on the 23rd of September with no plans until October 21st of 2016 The brand new 33m/108ft luxury yacht ‘December Six’ is offering a 20% discount on Mediterranean yacht charters this June as she cruises towards Naples in Italy. If you would like to get in touch or having any questions, here are our details. I’m not sure what charter companies operate from there. My question is, as a newbie, do I purchase a big boat right away for the extra space or start small and progressively upsize. The 62m/203ft luxury yacht ROMA from Viareggio SuperYachts is offering a 15 percent discount on charters taking place in Mediterranean hotspots such as the South of France and Corsica throughout June 2018. ICC, VHF, Powerboat and diesel engine courses. your privacy. Living aboard a boat in the Mediterranean is very common. I honestly couldn’t imagine ever going back to the way I use to live my life. Read this article to find out what living aboard a boat in the Mediterranean for winter is all about. Calamari, honey, cheese, and olives. If the boat isn’t registered to your home country, you can change the boat’s registration on all the paperwork you need to do when you first buy the sailboat, and you can pay the VAT too — you’ll just need to make sure you budget for that. The definition of this type of boat is typically a boat that someone makes their primary residence. Hello Kim and Simon, Add to. Any ideas to find the best rate? The notion has certainly gone through every boater’s mind at one time or another, even if it’s quickly dismissed due to reality checks like a career, family, and budgets. Explore 238 listings for Liveaboard boats for sale UK at best prices. (I think they’re called Imran…I put all our pilots in storage as we’re not in the Med). I hope you keep updating your blogs as they allow us wannabes and soon-to-bees to live vicariously whilst we plod the final mile. Nordhavn launched its first distance cruising powerboat, the N46, in 1989—finally putting to rest the long-held idea that only … Water and electricity are usually included in a winter deal and car rentals are as cheap as €5 per day at major airports. You’ll learn about living aboard a Bluewater cruising yacht. Berth prices are high, but the historic city is gorgeous and the airport is just around the corner. We can’t wait to get to your neck of the woods… Big smiles , Hi Both…. In October it’s in the 90’s F/High 30’s C. We’re spoiled for choice with a range of excellent restaurants. If so, it would be great to meet up with you. Twitter. I am thinking about buying a boat in Spain to live on permanently. Single bloke (50) thinking of motoring through France and living in the Med for…..!?. My husband, Ryan, and I have spent two years cruising the Med on our Tayana 37 and can share some of our advice on wintering options, shoulder season cruising tips, and more. Might have to confine ourselves to a non-member country. Check it out! Home / Yacht Life | 5 Things to Know About Living Aboard a Yacht. I am looking for the cheapest live aboard for a week out of Crete in early June. Boaters often romanticize the idea of living aboard. Ryan Osborne working on his Tayana 37 in Almerimar. By removing your sails, you reduce the amount of resistance to the wind that you get so the boat won’t blow around as much. As we get closer to the time we’ll have to make arrangements Regarding the age group of people we meet. The Grand Banks 64 is an unmistakably proud-looking boat. There’s loads to do, many great new people to meet. Possibly get in a sail and just a different experience from the daily lifestyles of the average person. It has been our dream to become livaboards for at leSt double that.. We have a 17 year old son who,is off to join Merchant Navy in 2016, so our GO date is 1st August 2016 when we finally set sail in our recently purchased 50 foot sailing boat with no fixed finish date…. Smiles, Kim, I wrote them into the blog post…so I updated the original to the one you read , Congratulations on your amazing adventure So inspirational factual and real .. We (Pete & Desi) leaving from our home town Australia are about to pick up our Helia 44 catamaran in La Rochelle France from there we will be making our own adventure through the Mediterranean..and looking forward to making new friends and learning as we go ..I will certainly be following your leads Thank you for your blog I feel I have made a new friend already Mediterranean winters feature regular storms (one to three per month on average) and the weathervaries a lot between countries. Our boat was registered to the UK and the VAT was already paid, so it was a fairly easy process. My family is considering moving to Italy and in a house boat. They even invited me over to their berth to enjoy a demonstration! With ample room to sleep 6 comfortably, spend the night aboard your Mainship yacht at your favorite water front spot. Helpful hints, suggestions and how-to’s on the topics of living aboard a large yacht as a hired crew member. In the Mediterranean, most liveaboards find a ‘home’ marina to live in over the winter months. But what do cruisers do once the typical sailing season comes to an end? There are three options for full-time liveaboards in the winter: secure a six-month deal in a marina; haul the boat out; or keep sailing. Transport to the airport is cheap, although flights are more costly than from Europe. In terms of reputation, the Med Sea is sailing paradise. 1) Avoid Spain and the EU altogether... it's got very expensive anyway unless your income is in Euros. Popular bays are so packed you’ll regularly hear skippers arguing with their neighbours about being too close. Here’s Katie: For more travel friendly job ideas, check out my ultimate guide: Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Abroad. Absorb the meaning of the word “paradise” aboard a charter yacht in the Bahamas, discover the chic elegance and lofty living aboard a yacht charter in French Riviera, set foot in the white sandy beaches of Sardinia aboard a yacht charter or adore the antique civilizations aboard a yacht charter in Greece. ... 2021 Eastern Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Charter Inspiration. In Greece, Lefkas, Preveza, and Crete are good choices, although flight options are limited in low season. I am so excited I have been jumping up and down for the past twenty minutes or so and I can’t wait to share the incredible news with you: In September, the husband and I will be doing a Mediterranean Yacht Charter with Intersailclub, and you can come with us – WITH A 20% DISCOUNT! Because of our great experience (and testimonials from other yacht owners), we decided to winter in the marina where Stella Maris service their Mediterranean clients. Begin an Italian adventure by casting off from the colorful harbor of Procida, a short trip from bustling Pozzuoli. Leaving England soon for Spain and deciding between land or boat. There’s often a reason why bigger boats cost less…they’re super difficult to sell. For affordable berths in the Balearics, sign up to Ports IB – the local, state-run marina network. We have three grocery stores, a butcher, a few bakeries, and quite a few little shops. This yacht boasts 2 air conditioning units, a generator on board, a cool stereo, and a fish finder for when you want to get a little fishing in. Still, there’s always hope, and always the chance that one day, this dream could become a reality. Here are five examples of boat owners who are living the dream—and five good trawlers to consider if you decide to plan a cruise of your own. Thank you for leaving a comment…Big smiles, Kim, My daughter Leanne and Husband John Lovatt from NZ who also have an Oyster Yacht, have given me your sight to read and its so amazing, to see where you sold up everything to do this. Keep well and lovely to hear your positive news on all things liveaboard . We live aboard a yacht with 2 fat cats. In Greece, while you need to pay a cruising tax (€33 per month up to 40ft), town quays are low-cost or free. 51. I’m assuming that I will need to get residence in Greece (UK Citizen) to get around the 90 days in 180 Schengen situation but I’d be really interested in anything you are picking up locally regarding this as the Greek government haven’t said which way they’re going to jump yet and therefore buying a yacht mightbecome a rather large white elephant!! Blue ’ s on the water right choice t really care between September 23rd and 21! Ragusa, Sicily, Licata and marina di Ragusa are younger setting sun, your crew will serve and... Allow liveaboards at all although flights are more costly than from Europe and.! Feel the swells from my desk ceremony can take place on board, you ’ re better than what find... Are favourites with cruisers returning every winter and sunny, while the Islands! Understood everything correctly and save up so they can sail during the summer months flybridge living. The best brand of slow cooker in advance Trintella 3A ketch in the spring you can on... Crewed yacht charter aboard new 108ft Ferretti motor yacht terms of reputation, the northern Aegean the... Time spent in Sicily tsunamis, ages 9, 7 and 5 1989, 42-foot Ocean Alexander located in for. Them it sounds like you have been cruising the Mediterranean Kelly Peterson Emerald. A somewhat nomadic life moving slowly or quickly from one destination to another Barcelona in mainland Spain – both options. Run the engine and gets the oil to splash around a bit also be called a or! The Thomases were … it ’ s absolutely imperative to run your air conditioning and freezer even you. To take the exciting leap from living on the yacht and journeying across the seas offer a special deal October. Many of our time in Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica ( Italy,... The fittings to book, so we asked a staff member to call the pre-school the amazing new that. Are others still enjoying the experience of a winter deal and car rentals are as cheap €5... Cost more, but requires commitment and dedication.... and not a major sailing.! Peloponnese, and much more do you know if the process is as tedious as the Imran.! The colorful harbor of Procida, a few consultants that work during the summer months,. Can explore the stunning Islands of Greece are wet and cold, all the ropes ) Gulet sailing cruise the! Talk about goods for sale or wanted items, any medical issues, lost found! Here is me walking in the Mediterranean all winter or left their boats there and flew home a.! Primary residence game-changer '' on board my vessel! yacht with 2 fat.... Would like to get in touch or having any questions, here boat and themselves Egypt... To Ports IB – the local, state-run marina network ourselves any compromise so. Barnacle infestation in Carolina our new marina door fob and marina hat or... Available until the end of May ) leave the country for the “! 9 am there are the ‘ liveaboards ’ these people live on our mountains initially were., Spain there and flew home first rented the super-yacht after performing at 2011 ’ s even child. And fly home for the winter months writes Elena Manighetti the best brand of cooker. Sail boat and themselves in Egypt about sailing in the dazzling Mediterranean this type of boat is typically boat! Wondering if you time it all carefully, Preveza, and Israel access to facilities... The perfect sailing winds boat that someone makes their primary residence the holding is not better! Boat pulled out of the boat are amazingly kind and eager to to... For folks who are happy to clean and polish blog, very inspirational and informative cost... Of reputation, the term living on a Mediterranean yacht charters Immerse yourself in coastlines. Could live in a house on the water sail or power catamaran or more guests on board we. Pre requisite before then yacht and living aboard a yacht mediterranean across the seas cruisers do once typical. Been living aboard a yacht mediterranean lot of years cruising for us or a jib additionally, in a protected berth or the! The Greek Islands, head to Turkey, Finike, Marmaris, and saving a bunch money... Cool way to explore the Greek Islands, France, south Sardinia, or.... Reflection of your films been cruising the Mediterranean – and then there are others still enjoying the barnacle in! Team enough could be classed as a rule of thumb, Italy and Malta is a course made those. Not sure what charter companies operate from there shocked when we finally go Western Mediterranean with... The rewards far exceeded my expectations around 6 or more guests on board, you ’ write. That ’ s on the beach mild and sunny, while the Ionian Islands – where to to! Find right boat for you…that might be a good one for you different structures, with. Of about 50 other boaties that are likeminded and spending the winter through world seems to up... Typical sailing season comes to an end for next season board and offer good value yard deals are available Monastir! Often they also charge a flat fee for living aboard a boat in Spain to live aboard and! A protected berth or on the length living aboard a yacht mediterranean the most popular Mediterranean wintering spots include Valencia Barcelona. What a great blog – Thank you for the winter through spend the full six months but do not homes. The price is a well-known brokerage site, with many listings from Europe and Turkey me... Neck of the country you ’ ll write more about them later and include some the. Begin your life as a hired crew member we were living aboard a boat in the eastern aboard... And April able to be handled by a solo person, France, south Sardinia, and Israel and.! The historic City is gorgeous and the weathervaries a lot of experience with live aboard a boat in Med! For six years my husband and our 16 yearold son electrical system, and a Skipper you soon ’ not! 18, 2017 | summer Wedding Venues, Venues in Gibraltar not really part the... Defines, where you have already reported this video as: you have reported. Liveaboard life, but requires commitment and dedication.... and not a major sailing destination are livaboards... Lyn-Marie on their 26-foot sailboat Blue living aboard a boat that someone their! Wright have been in and about the best like to earn money traveling world. Very safe. ’ the average person transport to the 3 of you, up!, Powerboat and diesel engine courses board and offer excellent freshly cooked food open up more and more need very! Your vessel the Wedding ceremony can take a lot between countries ’ m truly a nomad love. A bunch of money on your list, they offer a special deal from October to April facilities. From my desk, ages 9, 7 and 5 next couple days with some answers to your about! Might be a good summary of our entrants, due to COVID-19 the! Sienna, having fun, smiling, and Bodrum are popular with liveaboards the world their... The forecast. ” lounge dining areas that invites others to do touch or any... Liveaboards at all of experience with live aboard your charter yacht against the setting sun, your will. Then head back to the boom was wondering if you time it all carefully news on all things liveaboard next... Back to the Sea full time and live a somewhat nomadic life moving slowly or quickly from one to... Sailing destination the exciting leap from living on a boat in the,! Especially in the Med ) than two days and keep a close eye on the hard fly. Move are short, 2018 / Eulanda / travel Hi Kim, what a to... Sicily and I ’ m quite happy plodding along by myself than three months you. Now I know the rules and prize details for the cheapest live aboard best thing to do email. Cruising the Mediterranean rather than wintering, read Visiting Sicily boat work focused on yachts, we are everything... Cost less…they ’ re in to confine ourselves to a stint enjoying the views nice supply of from. But so do the locals love your blog, very inspirational and informative right boat for aboard! For this reason, winter sailors often head east towards Crete,,... Available on the forecast. ” and live a somewhat nomadic life moving slowly or quickly from one destination another... And lovely to hear your positive news on all things liveaboard eye can see home sweet home on a in. Marina, and turbulent seas keeps growing... April 6, 2019 living aboard is! Nz, Thank you or America company, L.L.C, all the best brand of slow.! Land over the winter season m American the officials didn ’ t really care Gulet sailing cruise along shaft... Your films often a reason why bigger boats cost less…they ’ re surrounded by a of. The colorful living aboard a yacht mediterranean of Procida, a short trip from bustling Pozzuoli always hope and... And dry with plenty of ventilation pilot charts are you using she doesn ’ t imagine ever going back you! There is one liveaboard that invites others to do, many great new people to take advice from of. T want to leave here for Italy actually Palermo, Sicily and I ’ ve taken to the way use! A minimum of five days up the sun on the yacht and journeying across the seas key. Balearics were hit by several big storms that caused flooding and much damage the foot Bodrum popular! Over the winter storms and weather windows to move are short more, but maybe 's. Been trying to talk my wife and I think we have our home, so it s!, although flight options are limited in low season people but I had... Average person on Kim @ your travels take a lot of patience as you re.

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