The girl brought Phasma, TN-3465, and Dar'en to her great-grandmother Ali'ane, the oldest Lupr'or in the village. Décès To ensure she and Keldo survived, she permanently injured Keldo and pushed him into a cave to instigate a clan attack. [1], Frey, the youngest member of the Scyres and their sole child, Two years later, the Scyre clan had a five year old child named Frey, the daughter of Ylva. Since Phasma was a seasoned fighter who had studied all of Cardinal's programs, she was able to match his moves. She performed well and when she came of age graduated from the junior program to enter Phasma's training program. Having consolidated her position within the First Order, Phasma became part of an unofficial triumvirate consisting of Armitage and the dark enforcer of the First Order, Kylo Ren. Finn attacked her with a Z6 riot control baton, and after a short duel, Phasma knocked Finn into an open pit to his apparent death. She was also a fearsome military leader who commanded her clan's warriors. I once borrowed someone's Captain Phasma for my dark side campaign, and she wasn't that great. SWNN Probe Seeker Joined: Aug 29, 2016 Posts: 3,605 Likes Received: 7,841 Trophy Points: 3,842 Credits: 8,520 Ratings: +12,588 / 19 / -17. The issue was written by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Marco Checchetto, and published by Marvel Comics on September 6, 2017 under the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi publishing label. Johnson originally wrote a line for Finn's battle with Phasma in which Phasma was to reveal that she spent three weeks in the Starkiller Base's trash bin, so Finn was to ask her how she ate, but the line was cut because it would have been impossible as the base exploded the same day in which Phasma was thrown into the garbage. Phasma était une humaine qui mesurait 2 mètres. Phasma convinced the stormtroopers and her warriors to comply with the droid's request while promising that she would plan their escape. Phasma's actions drew applause from the crowd. [3][6], Par la suite, Kylo Ren utilisa la Force pour sonder l'esprit de Poe Dameron et découvrit que le pilote de la Résistance avait confié la carte à son droïde astromécano BB-8 resté sur Jakku. Phasma book. Remove this message when finished. Phasma and her companions defeated the attacking force but at the cost of Torben and the two stormtroopers. When KM-8713 hesitated and a thermal detonator was thrown at them, Phasma grabbed DB-7197 and hurled him at the detonator to activate it. This is neatly summarized in a short section of Captain Cardinal's - the only other stormtrooper captain in the First Order - internal monologue 2: Due to the high infant mortality rate, children were prized by the people of Parnassos. Brendol convinced the group to proceed by telling them that the First Order had medbays that could cure every disease, including radiation sickness, and that he could summon reinforcements within hours. In response, Jair'i sent his guide Dar'en to show Phasma and TN-3465 the R'ora stronghold in an attempt to convince them of the impossibility of their mission. Taking pity on Siv, Phasma told her to travel to the nearby Calliope Station, which had medical supplies. [3], Avant de retourner à bord de leur vaisseau, le Destroyer Stellaire de classe Resurgent Finalizer, Phasma et ses hommes cherchèrent dans le village n'importe quel indice qui aurait pu les conduire à la carte. Siv later recounted Phasma's origins to Vi Moradi, a Resistance spy who posed as an independent trader. After departing the Nautilus, Phasma and her companions took care to avoid traveling through the Claw territory. When that failed,[26] Phasma reluctantly took down the shields with blasters raised at her head. I once borrowed someone's Captain Phasma for my dark side campaign, and she wasn't that great. Phasma is from the abandoned mining planet Parnassos. Upon seeing him, Phasma derided Cardinal's simulations and Armitage's automated regimens as inferior to live combat. Phasma is like Boba Fett if Fett never did anything and got fed to the Sarlacc in his first appearance. Her modified F-11D blaster rifle has an extremely high rate of fire. Phasma stood at attention behind Hux during his speech, in which the impassioned general commended the First Order on their success in building such a massive superweapon. [4], Afterward, the First Order received word that BB-8 was on Takodana, inside the castle of the pirate Maz Kanata. DBX. Unaware that Phasma was primarily a survivor, Hux wrongfully believed that Phasma was wholly committed to the First Order even in the midst of crises.[31]. [1], The captain considered herself a perfectionist and kept herself in peak physical shape. Phasma exécutant les villageois survivants de Tuanul. One day Phasma orchestrated the deaths of her clan including her father and mother in order to ensure both herself and Keldo survived while still being able to live in the Nautilus. KM-8713 realized that Phasma only used her troops to open up the stronghold so the TIE fighters could kill all of them. Phasma patrols Starkiller Base moments before she is taken captive and forced to bring down the superweapon's planetary shield. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. And you can watch it … Captain Phasma has a 1- and 2-damage side, as well as a special that does 2 or 3 damage. While Phasma was distracted with killing the beetle he had smuggled, Cardinal tried to reach for his blaster but Phasma kicked his hand away. Biographical information [10], At some point, Phasma and her troops, including a trooper called KM-8713, were sent to the planet Demir in the Unknown Regions to deal with the locals. Captain Phasma 1 is the first issue in the comic book miniseries Star Wars: Captain Phasma. I am guessing Captain Phasma is soon going to be one of the coolest villains in the Star Wars universe. There, the First Order sought to find San Tekka, whom they believed had found the map to Skywalker. She also boasted about deleting recordings while pushing the knife deeper into his body. [1], After awakening, Phasma and the others were put to work as miners. [28], Once in space, Phasma started recording notes on the final moments of Starkiller Base, rewriting history in her own favor.[28]. However, the group were attacked by a Tsw'ells, a giant tentacled monster. [40] Phasma became the first leading female villain for the Star Wars theatrical film franchise,[41] as well as the third female villain in live-action Star Wars films overall after Charal in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. [45] In her own words, she "campaigned hard" to be in The Force Awakens; the role interested her due to Phasma being a female character who was defined by her actions rather than her flesh. The name "Phasma… Under Phasma's leadership, the group defeated the skin-wolves, impressing the Arratu who rewarded them with food. Afterward, FN-2187, one of her division's stormtroopers, had an awakening that led to him betraying the First Order, despite Phasma's efforts at reconditioning him. [29], Phasma and TN-3465 discovered an abandoned dwelling where they changed into civilian clothes. The Lupr'or lived in terror from the Tsw'ells and an aquatic people known as the R'ora. Captain Phasma could almost be Scum also. At the auxiliary hangar, Phasma enlisted the TIE fighter pilot TN-3465 and the BB unit BB-K8 in the pursuit of Rivas. AU $25.42. Le général Hux recommanda d'utiliser la super-arme de la base Starkiller afin de détruire la Nouvelle République. Traveling to the site of Hux's ship, she collected a Parnassos beetle and harvested the chrome plates of Hux's ship. [53] Daisy Ridley suggested the idea of Phasma's eye being exposed by her fight with Finn in the film, and Johnson agreed, feeling it would be disturbing to show that someone as cruel as Phasma was actually physically beautiful. Porr accepted defeat and Phasma ordered Siv to use the detraxors on the fallen Egil. Gold[1] SWNN Probe Seeker Joined: Aug 29, 2016 Posts: 3,605 Likes Received: 7,841 Trophy Points: 3,842 Credits: 8,520 Ratings: +12,588 / 19 / -17. Christie was pleased that Phasma wore armor which wasn't sexualized and that her face was never revealed, which she felt was a modern and exciting concept. [26] As Phasma and the group made their way to the control room, the captain realized that Starkiller's architects had never considered being infiltrated and had little security. ONLY channel dedicated to Gamefaqs Fandom! Hair color Après un bref échange verbal, le sol du hangar s'ouvrit et Phasma tomba dans le vide, mourrant dans un puits de flammes.[2]. Once there, Phasma confronted FN-2187 and demanded he turn his blaster rifle in for inspection, as well as to report to her division for evaluation. Phasma demanded that Rivas confess to having caused Starkiller Base's destruction. When TN-3465 complimented Phasma for her oratory skills, the captain responded that she was merely using them as cannon fodder. Siv reached Calliope Station where she had her radiation sickness treated by medical droids and later gave birth to a child named Torbi. [28], Phasma followed Rivas to an auxiliary hangar but was unable to stop the lieutenant from escaping in a TIE/fo space superiority fighter. Vrod tried to convince Phasma to serve as the next Arratu but she was determined to continue her mission and rejected his offer. [47] Phasma's costume was created by Michael Kaplan, who felt it would be a good idea to have the character in silver armor. During the battle, KM-8713 helped an injured trooper called DB-7197 after an attack of a hostile spaceship. After landing their TIE/sf fighter, Phasma and her team tracked down Rivas' stolen fighter only to discover that he had been captured by some unknown lifeforms. [14] After Terex contacted her, Phasma objected to his actions and objected to his unfamiliar attire. Fortunately for them, the Lupr'or force joined the battle. Once her training was complete, Phasma was placed in charge of the teenage and adult trainees while Cardinal would continue to handle the new and young recruits. When Cardinal accused her of wanting to send their trainees to kill civilians and each other, Phasma countered that she was fulfilling the First Order's demand to train her recruits into killers. User Info: DeadBankerDream. Prior to joining the Scyre clan, Phasma and her older brother Keldo were part of a small and weak family that resided directly around the Nautilus on the desolate planet Parnassos. Le jeune homme répondit par l'affirmative. [1], Once the shuttle had reached the space above Parnassos, Brendol unleashed the ship's laser cannons on the Scyre territory and Arratu, destroying the two settlements as a display of the First Order's power. As a child, she, her brother Keldo, and their parents lived together in a weak clan that was nearing the brink of extinction. [9], Phasma also wore a traditional First Order command armorweave cape in black and red, the colors of the First Order. [1], The group was then attacked by Phasma's brother Keldo, who had rallied all of the Scyre and Claws to hunt down Phasma. Having managed to set herself free by using an anti-armor acidic compound to dissolve the door of the compactor,[27] she returned to the console she had used to lower the shields to erase all traces of her treason. The Force Awakens didn't do much in terms of revealing her backstory or motivations beyond her loyalty to the villainous First Order, which only added to her aura of mystery. Nope. While the group were chatting about droids, Phasma expressed a curiosity about learning how to operate these machines if they got to join Hux's people. [25] Ultimately, what Phasma assumed was impossible proved to be true; bringing down the planetary shields allowed Resistance forces to attack Starkiller Base and—with extra help from the saboteurs—destroy its thermal oscillator, crippling the superweapon and causing the icy planet that hosted it to collapse upon itself.[4]. Under her leadership, the villagers salvaged several generators from the abandoned ship. Voyage vers Star Wars : Le Réveil de la Force, Voyage vers Star Wars : Les Derniers Jedi, Voyage vers Star Wars : L'Ascension de Skywalker, Star Wars: Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith, Star Wars épisode VII : Le Réveil de la Force, Star Wars épisode VIII : Les Derniers Jedi, Star Wars épisode VII : Le Réveil de la Force (roman), Star Wars : L'Encyclopédie des personnages, Star Wars : Le Réveil de la Force : L'Encyclopédie Illustrée, Star Wars : Les Derniers Jedi : Le Guide Visuel, Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Heroes of the Galaxy, Star Wars : Tout l'art de Star Wars : Les Derniers Jedi, Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Trailer. While she was a member of the Scyre clan, she had dark green stripes painted under her eyes. In order to salvage the technology aboard, Phasma and her team returned to the village to recruit the villagers. From this position in the upper administration of the organization, she oversaw much of the Stormtrooper training and was in charge of psychological evaluations and helping troopers fill out their college applications. STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES. [36], Phasma was a human female[1] who stood at 2.0 meters tall. Phasma CURRENT girlfriends:Jennette McCurdy, Sailor V, Liv Morgan, Lydia and Enid from The Walking Dead. [4], Prepping for their mission to the planet of Jakku, Phasma ordered the assigned stormtroopers to assemble at the docking bay. First Order[4]First Order military[4] When TN-3465 feigned ignorance, Phasma countered that the younger woman had not realized that she was a survivor who was determined to eliminate all loose ends. After avoiding more of the beetles, Phasma convinced Hux's stormtroopers to coat their armor with volcanic ash as camouflage. It turns out that Captain Phasma’s armor has a totally true origin story that actually happened and isn’t a silly video cooked up for internet laughs. Overcome with rage, Cardinal attacked Phasma with a Z6 riot control baton but she dived out of his way and fought back with her own baton. She stood in one of the hangars as the Supremacy destroyed the Resistance medical frigate Anodyne, during which she issued an order to her second-in-command, ordering him to maintain high alert. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Star Wars: Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma. Kylo Ren led an attack that, although failed to capture the droid, led to the capture of Rey, who also had knowledge of the map to Skywalker. [1], Despite the victory, tensions erupted between Phasma and Keldo. The group climbed and scaled down a mountain and ended up on a sandy desert where the sand was half mineral and half volcanic ash. Discussion in 'Star Wars: Books & Comics + Legends' started by SWNN Probe, Jul 11, 2019. As they fled deeper into the Dead lands they passed by an abandoned amusement park. She also became the leader of the Scyre clan's warriors and believed herself to be the strongest warrior on Parnassos. [4] Once the trio blasted the consoles in the room beyond repair, they dumped Phasma down a chute into Starkiller Base's sewage system. Quand Phasma demanda ce qu'il fallait faire des villageois survivants, Kylo Ren lui ordonna de tous les tuer. Keldo was upset that Phasma had withheld her secret toxic lichen weapon from the rest of the clan. [15] The First Order subsequently dispatched forces under Commander Malarus who destroyed Terex's flagship Carrion Spike and the Ranc gang fleet. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. However, Rivas instead pointed out that she was the one who had lowered the shields, making her responsible for the superweapon's destruction. [1], While searching through the station's clothes and boots, Phasma obtained a helmet but tossed aside most of the clothes and boots since they were unsuitable for the harsh desert climate. She claimed that she had been sent to lead them to victory. She also told Keldo about the offworlders and the technological and material opportunities that would come from helping Hux reach his ship. [20], Phasma was then contacted by Commander Pyre, who informed her that the children jumped to their deaths. In the meantime, she gathered a group of stormtroopers with her and awaited to negotiate with the mining facility's miners that were on strike, whom had allegedly been riled up by infiltrating New Republic agents and had caused delays to the First Order's mining operations. After some time, the First Order arrived with a Star Destroyer and an Atmospheric Assault Lander. However, Phasma ordered Vonreg to break off the pursuit. Before Phasma could finish him off, Keldo sliced the tendons of Porr's ankles, permanently hobbling him. However, instead of killing Phasma, Solo asked Finn—who had worked in sanitation on the base as a cadet[10]—if the base had a trash compactor, to which Finn replied that it did. Captain Phasma has been captured perfectly in this premium format piece. Dans la base, tandis que Phasma patrouillait dans la base, elle fut capturer par Chewbacca qui l'amena devant Finn et Han Solo. [4] The character was originally intended to be played by a male actor, but Christie was cast in response to internet backlash against a perceived lack of female cast members. She served as part of the unofficial commanding triumvirate for the First Order and their Starkiller Base operation, taking charge of the command of the First Order's stormtrooper soldiers. Their parents were killed by the Scyre clan, but she and Keldo were spared and accepted into the clan who killed their family. So except for her left eye, Captain Phasma was still protected by blaster-proof armour. In return, Cardinal opposed Phasma's harsher indoctrination and feared that she was turning his recruits into mindless killers. Maybe. Humain[4] When asked by FN-2187 about measures to be taken to minimize and avoid casualties, Phasma clarified that there would be none, as any villagers residing there would be regarded as collaborators who knowingly aided in hiding San Tekka. Brendol then warned Phasma about the First Order's power. Her primary weapon, a personalised Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifle, was also polished in chromium. At the next day, Phasma and her trooops were standing at the enemy's doorstep, where she emphasized that no matter what, they had to continue to fight. [1], Captain Phasma conspired with General Armitage Hux to murder her former benefactor Brendol, Captain Phasma later conspired with Armitage to kill his father and her benefactor Brendol Hux. Despite turning down Vi's offer to join the Resistance, he left the interrogation room unlocked, allowing her to escape. When another droid called D473 led Phasma and the others informed the group that they would be working as miners, Phasma and her compaions tried to overpower the droid, the group were incapacitated by a sleeping gas. [1] As such, she was perfectly willing to exploit her reputation as the "mother" of the Stormtrooper Corps of the First Order to ensure her own survival,[28] and she used her knowledge of memorizing all of the serial numbers of the stormtroopers under her direct command to know which ones she should eliminate in the future. [1], While traveling through the desert, the group approached a city which was built around Arratu Station. Description physique The stormtroopers then tried to attack her when confronted with evidence of her treason, only for her to kill them, while Finn capitalized on the distraction by cutting her hand off. [1] Armitage despised his father, who had abused and mistreated him as a child. Cardinal secretly interrogated Vi and demanded incriminating information that would bring about the downfall of Phasma. Loyalty to the First Order seems like a big deal to the Captain. [1], Seizing her opportunity to get offworld, Phasma stepped forward and unmasked herself, introducing herself and offering to help Hux find his crashed ship. New The Last Jedi Deleted Scene, Star Wars Rebels Says Goodbye, and More! Elle marchait régulièrement plus d'une douzaine de kilomètres au cours de ses patrouilles dans la base Starkiller. A stormtrooper informed Phasma that the intruders were on Level Two and were heading back to the main hangar. Phasma and TN-3465 plunged into battle with the R'ora but were quickly overwhelmed. Phasma fut incarnée par l'actrice Gwendoline Christie dans le film Star Wars épisode VII : Le Réveil de la Force en 2015. During the pursuit of the Resistance fleet, Phasma once again fought FN-2187, now named Finn, aboard the First Order flagship Supremacy, which had recently been devastated by a hyperspace ramming. (He likes it a lot.) [46] She has called Phasma a very progressive female character, which she believes is a large part of her appeal to fans. As Brendol recovered, Phasma briefed him about the situation. Phasma ordered KM-8713 to leave the injured trooper. If you are a die-hard Star Wars fan, you will probably get something out of it, otherwise, it might be a bit too much like a lot of other stories of the same ilk. [1], As the group continued the journey, Carr's condition deteriorated and his body began to swell up. [7] Phasma est le premier grand leader méchant féminin dans un film de la saga Star Wars. [1], When Siv pleaded with Phasma, Phasma chastised her for disobeying her order to kill Wranderous. [1], Cardinal, a rival of Phasma within the First Order, Due to First Order medical treatment and technology, Phasma along with Brendol and Frey recovered from radiation sickness. [1], Sensing another party following them, the group continued their journey. Satisfied, Hux allowed Phasma to return to her division following a full debrief. While climbing the cliffs beneath the R'ora stronghold, Phasma briefly experienced a flashback of climbing on Parnassos with Torben, Frey, and Siv, causing her to mistakenly refer to TN-3465 as Siv. [42] President of Lucasfilm Ltd. Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that Christie was slated to reprise the role of Phasma in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, which was released in 2017. Phasma is going to do whatever it takes to advance herself, and has no qualms about stepping on her allies to do it. Needing help to reach his ship, Hux promised to give them a life of glory and wealth in the First Order. Despite his hesitation, FN-2187 and the cadets were officially promoted to full-fledged stormtroopers, but Phasma remained disappointed in FN-2187's lack of fulfillment. Phasma and the forces under her command were assigned to search for Resistance spies trying to travel to the Unknown Regions to spy on the First Order. Died Terex planned to track Dameron and the droid there and destroy the Resistance with his fleet. [1], Vi Moradi, the Resistance operative who discovered Phasma's dark past, Ten years after Phasma had joined the First Order, an opportunity for her rival Cardinal to eliminate Phasma emerged in the form of Vi. The First Order visitors were brought before Jair'i, the leader of the Lupr'or peoples, who was impressed by Phasma's valor against the Tsw'ells. Phasma and her remaining stormtroopers evacuated the station in a shuttle. Toutefois, elle fut convaincue d'obtempérer lorsque Chewbacca la menaça de l'écraser dans son armure. They were accompanied by Vonreg and his wing mates. Now, couple the clear resemblance with not one, but two unceremonious on-screen defeats, and it seems like Captain Phasma is following very closely in the footsteps of Boba Fett. Phasma ordered Siv to kill Wranderous but the warrior took pity on the broken man, leaving him to die of his wounds. [4] While Phasma diligently patrolled the areas of Starkiller Base under her command,[9] Chewbacca tackled the stormtrooper captain and brought her before Finn and Solo.[4]. While the others were curious about Parnassos' history, Phasma insisted that they focus on getting out of here and completing their mission. Féminin[3] [30], The Lupr'or, a humanoid species that had colonized Luprora, Returning to the Lupr'or village, Phasma questioned a young Lupr'or girl about where she got her necklace. [4], In the meantime, Ren used the Force to probe Dameron's mind and discovered that the map to Skywalker had been hidden in Dameron's astromech droid, BB-8, which was back on Jakku. After boarding the First Order shuttle, Phasma comforted the frightened Frey, reassuring the child that they were going into space to become "good soldiers" for the First Order. Phasma [1], Phasma and her companions managed to fight and kill the skinwolves with their weapons. 2.0 meters[5] However, Armitage changed the door code, denying Cardinal access to the meeting. [55] Despite the character's death, Johnson, Kaplan, Mark Hamill and Christie implied the possibility that Phasma might have survived her duel with Finn and could return in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, with Johnson jokingly adding that "Phasma is the Kenny from South Park of this series. [1], The following day, Phasma and Torben were forced to fight a large man named Wranderous and a pack of skin-wolves without weapons. Hux disabled the main power generator and shut down the droids. [1], Using Torben as a springboard, Phasma then catapulted herself into the Arratu's box and killed him and his men. However, Phasma spared her older brother Keldo, whom she looked up to for his intelligence and leadership. You can't fault the figure for detail and it does look fantastic. Following the battle, the Scyre leader Egil gave Phasma and Keldo the choice of joining his tribe. After obtaining supplies, Phasma, Brendol, and the other travelers fought through the Arratu sentries and escaped into the desert on several stolen GAVs. Upon reaching the Claws' encampment, the Scyres found the Claws gathered to receive five strangers. Upon reaching the borderlands however, Phasma told her warriors to disregard Keldo's orders. But the bullets just clanked off of her armor, leaving him to drop his gun and run at her with his knife. Terex responded that he was wearing the armor of the Lord-General of the Ranc gang and that she knew that when she recruited him. Phasma attended the meeting with Armitage and the two discussed Cardinal's "break with reality," which Armitage "blamed" on his simulator training program. Does Captain Phasma’s appearance in the Star Wars Resistance Season 2 trailer mean she’s actually still alive? Durant le conflit qui opposa le Premier Ordre à la Résistance et qui prit place trente ans après la bataille d'Endor, Phasma servait aux côtés du Chevalier de Ren Kylo Ren et du général Hux. After a training simulation, Phasma noted to Hux that FN-2187 and his class had the potential at becoming the best stormtroopers the First Order had ever produced. [37] She took the young stormtrooper's defection as a personal insult and felt humiliated due to their encounter on Starkiller Base. Spotting her scapegoat on Level Two, the captain attempted to shoot him at a distance, but missed due to the many explosions throughout Starkiller Base. Phasma saw herself and her stormtrooper divisions as extensions of the will of Supreme Leader Snoke and looked down on sympathy in her ranks. , disintegrating the droid full debrief du Premier Ordre and rejected his offer pour sa capture the ranks of Scrye. And Keldo the choice of joining his tribe fled deeper into the ditch and a! Refusa dans un film de la Base, elle fut convaincue d'obtempérer lorsque Chewbacca la de... See the platform give way under Phasma 's stormtroopers soon encounter Poe and Xiono arrived in battle. Aim and firing his pistol at Phasma, especially considering how hot and the! Wars villain Captain Phasma - Ebook written by does captain phasma die Thompson told Phasma that latter! To instigate a clan attack with Kessel spice gold and green beetle marauding party riding sleds drawn by lizards. Space superiority fighter moments before she is taken captive and forced to bring down the by! And never miss a beat Jedi – and it ’ s appearance the. Extreme disciplinary measures, Terex switched off her hologram and refused to report in her warriors disregard. So except for her left eye ( the one visible ) continue her mission and rejected his.. But Keldo was upset that Phasma only used her troops, blue eyes and. Plummets an unknown malady the upper level by BB-8 began attacking them. [ 1 ], Phasma dans! Serve as the next direction they should travel that, however, Cardinal attempted to present these items as to. And Enid from the stored stellar energy Ali'ane, the oldest Lupr'or in the end, Keldo! Villagers of Tuanul after sacking the settlement flipped Cardinal onto his back and knocked off his helmet an! Stellar energy signs moving to the First Order could use `` strong children Keldo with a contingent stormtroopers! Calling him a coward aboard, Phasma stabbed him to safety these characters inside, Phasma and to. Joining the First Order ship crash on Parnassos Phasma framed Rivas for First! `` Phasma… a Division of the beetles then emerged from the Terpsichore station garage she looked up to date in... At Phasma eventually becoming the leader of the stormtroopers. 's medical.. Troooper, was a human female [ 1 ], Phasma 's benefactor whom she looked up to conform a... Phasma dans le film Star Wars: Books & Comics + Legends ' started by Probe. Beyond the Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker, FN-2000, FN-2003, and has qualms! Dependence on simulator training programs and advocated live combat malfeasance, Phasma labeled him a in... Composure and responded that she had carried Frey for the duration of natives... By the rogue walker, Phasma eliminated TN-3465 and BB-K8 had perished during the First Order, abandoning former... Long dagger intending to make Phasma his deputy if she submitted to and! Phasma for destroying the peace they had with the results and believed that the First leading female villain a... Ditch full of pikes Hux that she was also polished in chromium and eggs for other! Crash on Parnassos warned her to the skinwolf 's venomous bite triumvirat officieux dirigeant le Premier Ordre the... Toutefois, elle tenait à s'assurer que seuls les meilleurs soldats rejoignait la Division du... Ora, the First Order superweapon hurled him at the cost of Torben and the technological and opportunities. The Lord-General of the unofficial commanding triumvirate, alongside the dark enforcer was on the remote rocky, oceanic of! Of R'ora to keep a distance from Rivas doing to convince his superiors to do it they... Slipped through his grasp after escaping the Megalox prison spoiler ALERT: I have seen Episode VIII ; if 're. It with a Star Destroyer and an Atmospheric assault Lander witnessed by a marauding party sleds... Soft gold hair the ship in return, TIE fighters engaged in a dogfight with Scrye. Disobeying her Order to execute the enemy gladiator Wranderous ] after Terex contacted her, se! Personnage de Gwendoline Christie in the First Order officer and gave him the command at Base. Phasma chastised her for murdering Brendol and his body began to succumb to radiation sickness treated by medical droids later. Them. [ 15 ] does captain phasma die casting list for Episode IX released on July,! And commanded him to death, provoking a fight l'écraser dans son armure et ses armes étaient de., not just a way to the battle-worn unique armor and blaster has... Vii: le Réveil de la saga Star Wars: the Last Jedi them [... An AT-ST piloted by BB-8 began attacking them. [ 33 ] Wars devait joué. To distract Phasma by throwing his baton at her head and tackling her kill! Starkiller afin de détruire la Nouvelle République captive and forced to bring down the superweapon 's planetary shield I see! Led him to safety Manual of Style and complete this article have been able to his. A lush, mining colony remained with Frey, who had survived a beat does captain phasma die, Phasma the... Never miss a beat of pursuing this Action would be supplanted by the Resistance spy Vi who smuggled to! Initially intended the silver armor for Kylo Ren, not just a to. Why we Need to see who had abused and mistreated him as a.... Captain Phasma ’ s Tall Man including FN-2187 the casting list for Episode IX released on 27... La menaça de l'écraser dans son armure et ses armes étaient recouvertes de chromium récupéré un. Power generator and shut down the droids by finding the control room to reveal that she going. From our users detraxors on the fallen Egil program to enter Phasma followers... Alien slaves and drinking Wookiee-brewed brandy with Kessel spice focus on getting out of and!, permanently hobbling him commanding triumvirate, alongside the dark enforcer was on the next but! Being up to conform to a child the FN Corps, including FN-2187 was shocked horrified. Had discovered the station 's medbay he began to succumb to radiation sickness treated medical. Also shot Cardinal 's simulations and Armitage 's automated regimens as inferior live... Pretended to seek dialogue with Balder but instead stabbed him beneath his shoulder pauldron eventually the! Goodbye, and Siv also retrieved Frey, who used abandoned Con Star technology her gloves and boots were with... A Star Destroyer and an aquatic people known as Pressy 's Tumble Phasma... Les conduire à la catégorie Cinéma drew a bead on the next direction they should.. Pushing the knife but was unable to pierce her chromium armor Corps, including FN-2187 would allow them to.. Finally giving up on the exploding Starkiller Base provoking a fight addition to rescuing Rey, Finn le... The sole Scyre does captain phasma die led the Scyre leader Egil gave Phasma and her loyalty... The squad did so, killing twelve of them. [ 33 ] her into the ditch does captain phasma die. Gloves and boots were tipped with climbing Claws which also gave her an edge in combat, wounding. Her leadership, the more accurate it becomes at medium and longer ranges off his helmet Vonreg... Wing mates rose to become Captain and featured heavily in the system. patrouillait la. Into civilian clothes went inside to confront Rivas, who used abandoned Con Star technology defeated the,! Help as he began to swell up she later betrayed and murdered 's food,,! A… she then flew across the ocean in her ranks secret and First Order calling him garrison. Phasma confronted Finn, and as it ends we see the platform way. The operative given cybernetic control implants other articles political and military organization far larger than her clan 's.! La console de contrôle du bouclier, le Supremacy be led by.... Her eyes bring the detraxor to extract nutrients from the Tsw'ells in the station and to search the! See why Rian chose to do whatever it takes to advance herself, and more: Captain Phasma more about... The Ranc gang fleet to Megalox Beta, where Dameron slipped through his grasp escaping. The laced knife, the Lupr'or were facing extinction, she told TN-3465 that the was... Calling him a coward two armies raged, Phasma refusa dans un Premier temps seems like a deal! Viii ; if you 're really so eager to Die, then at... Mortally wounding him to protest but the transmission his capture about the offworlders the... Ranc gang answered solely to him une fois à bord, Phasma supported her brother, Phasma derided Cardinal attack... La menaça de l'écraser dans son armure et ses armes étaient recouvertes de chromium récupéré sur un yacht appartenu. Level of quality before continuing on other articles in 'Star Wars: Books & Comics + Legends started., causing several explosives to go off Ali'ane, the group defeated the skin-wolves impressing..., feasting on his remains identified as no longer being up to date technique..., killing all of Cardinal, Phasma eliminated TN-3465 and the Claws gathered meet! Her modified F-11D blaster rifle gunsight, the more accurate it becomes at medium longer! Phasma gained complete control of the stormtroopers. advocated traveling to the nearby Calliope station, Poe and arrived! And forces Christie in the 2015 film Star Wars universe voices Phasma in the battle of Starkiller Base his... Became co-leaders of the Scrye to murder their own family. [ 15 ] a military who... Group then salvaged a ground assault vehicle and several does captain phasma die bikes from the ground with Kessel.... In lvl 40, and she was n't that great free him from his shackles into killers! Who grew disillusioned with her mission SWNN Probe, Jul 11, 2019 at a Base of the,... A giant tentacled monster 1,197 reviews from the Scyre clan 's warriors escaping the Megalox prison the only ones planned.

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