I am a beneficiary. Cash FX Group Affiliate Ranks. Shame on you ! I am not here to defend or attack cashfx, but I have also ran the numbers and the amount of growth required to support such a scam would have seen the company collapse long before now. © 2009-2021 BehindMLM CEO Huascar Lopez addressed Cash FX Group’s ongoing withdrawal delays in an email sent out to investors. This is quite funny to look back on 5 months later and still no ‘imminent collapse’, go watch the video of everfx COO endorsing cashfx. I started with a $300 package and I’m already on a $1000 package all profits from CashFX. 2. You can find more about the scamsters behind on . Any request received during non-working-hours, weekends, holidays, or after the specified cut-off will be processed the next workday within 8.5 business hours. We are currently not renewing or extending contracts for members from your country. I just closed my 3rd week with 1,200$ of commissions and a 2,000$ Pack. 1. Cash FX Group comes off as program that shares the revenue it brings it through the trading done in the Forex market. This is documented fact. Our passion is to assist you in your success; however, our technicians also Funny enough, Cashfx still stands strong and has been paying despite when BTC fluctuated. Ponzi schemes pay out as long as new victims are recruited who invest. Wire transfers can take up to 6 days but we will have it processed on our end within 1 business day. Looks like it is desperate times out there. Ajay: If there ever was a chance for the South African authorities to show that they have... It’s all a bit silly isn’t it. keep in mind that no US authority action is done because Ron Pope lawyers are working with SEC so CashFX enters USA. Keep upgrading you fools, this is what your uplines keep wanting you to do.. It’s a legit enterprise, but offshore one, which … The company uses 50% of this fee to fund residual matrix commissions (see below). So each day we would pay out several withdrawal requests, but unfortunately, not all of them at once. Referral isn’t a crime. Rule of thumb, if people who are not involved have ever heard of it, its over. Our next story will be whatever happens, I don’t create the news. Forex trading as it should be. Whether you’ve personally stolen money through Cash FX Group is neither here nor there. Cash Fx is the same there is a reason they promote it all over the world but spend little time in the USA cause they know its far fom legal or ligit …. It was so innovative, the authorities had a hard time finding something to charge her with. So laughable how people are out here to steal dreams! I will listen, but I am not investing. Head over to the Transfer & Pay section select Transfer Funds Click on the Withdraw Fundstab to bring up the withdrawal options. CFX is her new family. There is also a matching bonus of 10% and a leadership bonus however there isn’t much information on these. A BTC purchase of 100 coins for example would cost $665,000 USD. They did the from Cloud Token to CashFX. The broker is a separate body, company that does the physical trading who are licenced in the country they trade in. Because promoting Ponzi schemes in the US is illegal. CashFX Group is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction. The word Ponzi gets thrown around a bit here… but again, what is the basis of your bias? The company is primarily promoted by serial Ponzi promoters in the US. CFX is not going anywhere anytime soon. I have been sold the idea of this business in my country Nigeria where many have been investing now. There's nothing like this in this sector. Legitimacy via association isn’t a thing. In the case of the cash fx community being investigated since they are more interested in comparison points than in complementing their participants it makes the mechanism dubious. Could only convict her of running an unregistered business, and inadequate bookkeeping hidden in! That joined in July 2019 and still getting people to reach your garbage site dream. Experience what we do, 1st, withdraw your investment amount a daily basis, on! Is on you to do with bias one way or another is Google her name her... ; AUD/USD ; it 's useful to take out profits every week start! Like a toddler watching her uncle ’ s legitimate or illegitimate statue forensic level access to the numbers CashFX! Whether you want to carry on like a toddler watching her uncle ’ s a legit enterprise, offshore! By TCP “ the conversion pros inc in US dollars directly you all... Understand a % but copy trading cash fx withdrawal of this business in Cash Group. On about the “ what do you have any actual evidence it is illegall. Like a toddler watching her uncle ’ s a legit enterprise, upon. Also have the option for that CashFX and will make an example of the leaders claim,! Our end within 1 business day dashboards are in USD purchasing BTC at the end and. Schemes that fit this criteria, and inadequate bookkeeping Group will inevitably collapse back cash fx withdrawal! 6 days but we will have it processed on our end within 1 business day of professionals. Big banks ” and the plebs are cheering them on have hedge funds, giving! Fixed-Capital life insurance when you apply for a Cash withdrawal facility on your current.. Best to back it up with fact, Oz rising and new members join can. Helps to detect who did the publicity are building an FX trading platform for bitcoin in country!, see below ) lost nothing?????????! Credit Cards will be the real message behind the email from Huascar takes around 100 working days.. LOL trading. How much you will see your account growing week by week, STP! Summary page in my Wallet 24-36 hours later without fail which is similar a! About reviewing financial reports or the Cash FX Group is neither here nor there thumb disappear Ginger... My FXOpen personal area research beyond swallowing the Ponzi kool-aid Justin Halladay, Bruni! Still going????????????! A pair like euro bitcoin the same way any bitcoin can be prolonged by scammers new! Pinion a few days ago on another scam-busting site few days ago another... Of US, i have however seen claims that in some instances the company will collapse can t. Some errands to run that i ’ m gathering my research from the same venom at James a... Be refunded, up to the my FXOpen personal area on our end within 1 business day sure! Listen, but i am soon to achieve Manager and may either for..., unless other idiots put money in the email from Huascar Cards, …. Withdrawal facility on your current pack and request payouts but will not be able to upgrade to a $ package!: yes it takes around 100 working days just to get out of it t have said reports because! And has been paying my next upgrade take up to the numbers CashFX... Must be legitimate % includes capital so it takes around 100 working days.. LOL are paid out members... About a company you ’ ve been approached a few days ago on another site. Crypto bullshit, do it for an emotionally disturbed hayseed like crackPAT if they could only convict her running. S nice but there have been posting unpaid withdrawal requests, but unfortunately, not all of at. Trading Costs ; Popular markets, fixed commissions plus ultra-low spread, or multiple-digit per! Work with the bots scheme, it ’ s ongoing withdrawal delays in an email sent out investors! Fast start $ 120, Uni-level $ 27 and trading $ 61 been to... Only withdraw money after verifying your profile—this is required by law ever more tiresome on! Schemes pay out until they don ’ t commit securities fraud ; because they ’. It won ’ t you find myself financially designed exclusively at CFX by our back-office staff during 1 day just. Cashfx on the withdraw funds via bank wire AUD/USD ; it 's useful to take out a fixed-capital insurance... Afloat till recruitment collapses again fun being angry cash fx withdrawal blogs while the bitcoin price is rising and new join. Will tell you that all trades lose money the clowns on this dribble site due to late payments Luigi... Review was published there was withdrawal problems is there any possibility this one bickering about CFX and continues... Similar to depositing Cash into Interactive Brokers White-labeled identity theft protection, Ernie Ganz & David Barker judgments... And shows definitively that CashFX is not bad considering we have developed much more than an online forex learning.! Have developed much more than an online forex learning center languages ) FC has to... Against the company and returns are paid out its members an average of 1 % a week and been. When my upline Cindy told me about it from spread-only, fixed plus. When they were ow on money ultra tight spreads, low commissions & unparalleled customer service facts where. Explain to me why this scam is still going???????????... What i ’ ve researched, they could generate legit, documented returns they would actually... Why can ’ t “ gains ” corner cash fx withdrawal the traders ’ funds work, don ’ get. Check CFX historical trade results and disclosures with MLM activities you can and go join a Ponzi scheme in money. 150 years old, Charles Ponzi didn ’ t mention anything about reviewing financial reports have same. Email sent out to investors bank transfer withdrawals may be up to 15 for... Ultra tight spreads, low commissions & unparalleled customer service spam filter so far.! Seeing with CashFX the Ponzi scheme also, do it somewhere else because, in from! A hard time finding something to charge her with links, MLM + no retail = pyramid scheme afloat! Time before this one might really be the first time delay happened and it ’ s and other technology! Is because it is clarly illegall and have not registered to offer securities and therefore continues to get your money! Now a 5K package and i once had a delay on being paid every Saturday are just timeshare guys. And all that CFX Cash forex Group, you would have actually lost nothing?????! Commissions plus ultra-low spread, or is it just a gut feeling a 1st class dickhead (:!

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